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 +===== How to Setup Approx =====
 +If you have a few number Debian or Ubuntu machines, you may want to save some bandwidth and speed up package installations. This can be achieved with the help of ''​approx'',​ which is an HTTP-based proxy server for Debian-style package archives. This tutorial is based on Debian 8 (jessie).
 +Firstly, install the approx package
 +<code bash>
 +apt-get install approx
 +After installation,​ you need to edit the configuration file of approx that is ''/​etc/​approx/​approx.conf''​. My configuration is like this:
 +debian ​         http://​​debian/​
 +security ​       http://​​
 +Change the debian mirror to your favorite mirror. [[http://​​mirror/​list|List of Debian mirrors]]
 +There are some parameters for approx which can be seen with ''​man 5 approx.conf''​ command. I did not change any parameter but you may need it.
 +I use approx for my custom debian builds with Simple-CDD so I don't need to change my ''/​etc/​apt/​sources.list''​ file.
 +If you need, change your ''​sources.list''​ file like this to forward the apt requests to approx.
 +<file text sources.list>​
 +deb http://​​9999/​debian jessie main contrib non-free
 +deb http://​​9999/​security jessie/​updates main contrib non-free
 +deb-src http://​​9999/​debian jessie main contrib non-free
 +You will save bandwidth and time.
 +{{tag>​approx debian jessie proxy cache apt simple-cdd}}
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