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How to Recover Deleted Data from Linux

I needed to write this tutorial because I accidentially deleted very important files for me on a virtual machine under vmware player. I googled it to find some virtual machine solutions but the solutions were not different from nonvirtual solutions. This tutorial is applicable for all ext3 / ext4 file systems.

So, we need a live linux distribution to boot and recover our deleted data. Since my virtual disk' file system is ext4, the quickest and easiest solution seemed to be the extundelete. It can recover data from ext3 and ext4 file systems.
I chose SystemRescueCd as live linux which includes extundelete.

If you are trying to recover from virtual machine disk, you need to

  1. dowload the iso of SystemRescueCd
  2. connect the iso to your virtual machine
  3. boot your virtual machine from your cdrom

For vmware player, you must press ESC just after it starts to select cdrom for boot. Then you should see systemrescuecd boot screen if everything is ok.

Now it is time to find your disk from terminal and run extundelete. There are many other options if you check “man extundelete”

Now you can see recovered files under RECOVERED_FILES folder if you did not specify any other directory.


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